Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fitbit Still Works After Jumping in a Pool!

Alright, so I know having a fitbit in some shorts when you jump into a pool is hard to explain, but it happened....a month ago now. Fortunately, some of my other friends had already ruined their fitbits by getting them wet. What did I do differently? When I took the fitbit out of the water, I didn't press the button on the device and then i dropped it in a bag of rice for 3 days before I did push the button. It was dirty, but it worked. Everybody else said that their battery wouldn't hold a charge after getting wet, but mine is doing great.

Hope that helps somebody someday.


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  1. I just dropped my fitbit into the washing machine and didn't realize it for a good 5 minutes so this did help me! I just put it into a bag of rice so I'm crossing my fingers. do you think it matters what kind of bag? I just filled a sandwich bag with white rice.