Saturday, May 15, 2010

HTC Hero Mount USB to Mac Os X (macbook pro)

I wanted to get the media off of my htc hero and onto my macbookpro, but plugging the USB cable in does not result in a notification on android which allows me to mount sd card through the USB cable.

I found lots of promising articles, most of which pointed me to either Twisted, which didn't work for me, or to the Android developer SDK. I'm fully capable of using the SDK but this seems like overkill for such a simple issue.

My Solution: Close the lid on the macbook. Plug in the phone and then I get the notification allowing me to mount a USB. Once mounted, its the same as working with any other USB card.


  1. Me too, I lost the original USB cable and I bought another one and now the notification will NOT show up, but the phone will charge... WTF?

  2. I am running into the same problem as Anonymous. Had to replace the original USB cable, am getting the charge signal, but not the mount/unmount option in the notification screen. Unfortunately, closing the lid on my PowerBook G4 doesn't solve the problem I'm running into.... So frustrating--especially since I was able to mount/unmount the phone as an external drive with the original USB cable I had.

  3. I had the same problem.... Just switch your phone off and on (power off) and then it gives you the mounting option again :)

  4. Powered off and back on worked for me too!

  5. Thanks for these suggestions - the clue that actually helped me was the cable.
    For some reason my "standard" mini-USB cable just won't connect as a USB drive - it'll charge happily, but HTC seem to have done something non-standard somewhere; when I tried the original cable that came with the phone, suddenly it works.
    Time to get a non-HTC phone, methinks.

  6. the lid closed thing totally worked!!