Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Appengine Disappoints

So i got excited a couple weeks ago about appengine and how easy it could make hosting a simple domain. And i am still excited....but there are some major usability issues with the way they allow you to sign up for appengine accounts.

First thing they require is that you verify via SMS. Okay no problem. right. Unless you're me, then apparently they can't send a message to my sprint phone. Then the form confuses me by making it look like i submitted a different carrier (SouthernLink Wireless) making me try multiple times.

Then i do some web searches to find that not only are other people struggling with the same issue, but their security only allows one account to one phone. Therefore if you play around with appengine using your gmail account, you're screwed if you buy a domain name, sign up for google apps, and then want to host a site with appengine.

This is an embarrassment to google. A company who i was a real fanboy of until recently( see eric schmidt on privacy to learn when i dropped my fanboy stance).

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